An Afternoon in Leederville

  • July 14, 2017

One of Hayley’s top neighborhood recommendations in Perth was Leederville, which she had suggested would be a good place to grab a coffee, do work, and browse some shops. It was only about a 20-minute walk from their apartment, and while it crossed over some major roads and highways, the stroll was surprisingly pleasant. I really like that people seem to walk a lot in Perth, which is a nice change from nearly getting run over by motorbikes in Siem Reap.

The weather, which had been quite chilly throughout the week, warmed significantly and there were tons of people milling around Leederville. I also happened to be visiting during school holidays, so I assume that also had something to do with it.

The first thing I noticed (and loved!) about Leederville was the impressive collection of street art. One of my favorite city activities is to check out street art, which happily is becoming much more widely accepted. Berlin has always been one of my favorite spots for this, but Perth – especially this area – might have beat it out. 

I entered into full-on creeper mode, ducking behind buildings and down alleyways to get the best shots. (I also think I may have been the only tourist there, because every time I opened my mouth, someone would ask me where I was from.) It’s too hard to choose a single one, but here are a few of my favorites:

The actual reason I came here was to finish some articles I had been working on, so after my photo shoot, I headed to Foam Coffee Bar. I not only enjoyed a delicious latte, but had my first slice of avocado toast in months. The horror of having gone without!

After I was finished, I browsed around in a few shops and picked up some souvenirs. One of my favorite spots (of course) was the local bookstore. I was very tempted to pick up a book from this display:

Each book was covered in brown paper, and had a small tag tied on with vague description of what lie underneath the wrapper. For $10 AUD, you could set yourself up on a blind date with a book and potentially discover a new favorite. While it sounded like fun, I’ve had to impose a personal ban on buying books while traveling on this trip. I already brought a few too many with me, and well, packing light (link) when it comes to literature is not my strong suit.

I had the best time hanging out in Leederville for the afternoon, and if street art fascinates you as much as it does me, I highly recommend checking out this neighborhood. 

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