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Cambodia: Day One

  • June 7, 2017

I have arrived! It was a long and somewhat stressful journey (my first flight was delayed, causing me to nearly miss my connection. I essentially threw myself prostrate and begged for them to reopen the gate to let me on the plane. Oy.), but here I am. Back in Cambodia at last.

After getting my visa, I grabbed my bags and met my tuk tuk driver outside. Then I sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the ride to my new home on Concrete Drain Road.

As you can see, we were driving on what I’ll call the “service road,” filled with other motorbikes and tuk tuks. From what I saw and what I can remember from the last time I was here, many major roads have this feature to keep cars and tuk tuks separated. On the smaller roads, though, anything/anywhere goes. As in, if you’re on foot, get ready to dive off to the side speedy quick if needed.

After making it to the Airbnb that will be my home for the next couple of months, I was handed a wifi password and bid adieu. This was fine by me, as I was not really in the mood for conversation after my lengthy travels.  So I unpacked my things, made a mental note of items I’ll need to buy (uh, toilet paper, for starters), and was finally ready to venture out for some lunch.

It had been torrentially downpouring on and off all day, but it’s monsoon season here so that’s to be expected.  As I started meandering toward one of the “main” roads (using this term loosely – as in it has a name on Google Maps), rain started coming down in sheets again. I ducked into what looked like a little roadside eatery. Inside the open-air space were beach chairs lined up in front of a television, which was playing some dramatic Cambodian soap opera that featured a lot of busty women. A few men were sipping tea and watching.

I asked the people working there if they served food, and their look said, “Not really, but you look drenched and tired and pathetic so have a seat and we’ll figure something out.”  There wasn’t much English going on, so I didn’t order anything more specific than food. A few minutes later, a plate of steamed rice, sweet fried pork, and a greasy omelet made its way to my beach chair. I enjoyed my TV lunch, paid $1.50, and was on my merry way. (No photos, as it didn’t really seem like the sort of place to whip out my iPhone and start snapping.)

The rest of my day was spent trying not to fall asleep, which I failed miserably at when I accidentally went to bed at four o’clock in the afternoon. It’s now going on 1 AM, and I’m hoping my Benadryl kicks in soon. Goodnight, everyone!

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