Gamcheon Culture Village

  • February 15, 2017

If you’re a fan of street art and all things funky, you have to visit Gamcheon Art Village in Busan’s most artsy enclave.

Located near Nampo-dong, Gamcheon Culture Village looks like a collection of colorful houses that you might expect to find somewhere in South America. And indeed, it strongly resembles La Boca in Argentina. While people actually live in the homes on this picturesque hill, there are also several art galleries and plenty of street art within the village.

Upon entering, you go to the Visitor’s Center to pick up a map of Gamcheon. Inside the map are 8 spaces, meant to be stamped during your tour of the many art galleries. Once you collect all 8 stamps and make your way through the village, you’ll loop back around to where you started and get some free postcards.

Personally, I found the galleries to be only mildly interesting. What I liked the most, aside from the spectacular views from the top of the hill…

…were the random street art and exhibitions. Here are a few of my favorites:

One of the best parts about Gamcheon is that even when there are a lot of visitors, it’s always easy to escape the crowds. Rather than a museum where people might be flocking to a few majorly popular works of art, Gamcheon allows everyone to find their own favorites among the twisting alleyways of the village. With surprises around every corner, you could visit several times and still have plenty of treasures to uncover.

Getting there: Take Subway Line 1 to Toseong Station. Leave from Exit 6. Turn right at the intersection, and continue walking until you see a hospital. In front of the hospital, catch Bus 2 or 2-2. Exit at the Gamcheon Elementary School bus stop.

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